it’s “go” time

Summer is wrapping up and my little family just got back from our first family vacation in Maine. Now’s the time to get serious about the move to Thailand. I’ve done enough research so far to give me the necessary point of view.

My first inclination is to pick up on the housing situation because it is the most costly and valuable. What we need to do is complete a profile on guest-to-guest. Then if we use other sites we can take those pics and descriptions and copy and paste them over. One at a time though.

The steps of this process should be:

  1.  Set up an account on the website
  2. Add general description
  3. Add photos
  4. Reach out to others and share on social media
  5. Add a virtual tour video (when home repairs are complete)

My approach will be to concentrate on one room at a time. I can take a photo and post one room at a time. We’re very clean people so that’s not the issue. I just want to make it look nice with classy decorations and no personal photos.

My mother, who is the primary caretaker of my son besides my husband and I, is moving to Nevada; pretty much now. She left to drive there this morning and set up a place to live with her significant other. She packed her car up and took her dog out there. She’ll be back in October which will be nice. She’s moving permanently to Nevada though, right by Vegas. Have fun!!

Now we have to figure out day care. We can’t afford day care so I’m looking to my family. Schedules. That word “schedule” may be derived from the same word as “anxiety”. What I have going for me is that my boss is incredibly understanding and I can work from home 3 days per week. Those other 2 days are going to be tough to cover. We have 17 weeks until we leave for Thailand. I need about 25 days covered. I think we can do this.