an unexpected turn of events – the basis of constitution has been encroached upon 

Encroached upon by our own president. Everyone has their political sides to things which is so great because I believe in our bipartisan democratic republic. It’s a characteristic derived from our constitution. Why do we have a constitution? We’ll when we established societies here in the US these forethinkers had to lay down some laws about basic human rights. John Locke. Jean Jacques Rousseau. And those who wrote the constitution. Chrstianity and Catholicism, love thy neighbor.  It’s so literally “un-American” to discriminate race, sex and religion. How can we discriminate against Muslims? How can Christians have an advantage over a Muslim when deciding if they can enter our country? A person of any religion or national affiliation can be a terrorist. I know we use the word “terrorist” more nowadays than before but the concept is still there, we’re just using different words. Americans who assasinated presidents because of apparent mental complications. Kids bombing and shooting up schools because of behavioral or mental issues. ISIS is a collection of vulnerable individuals who believe in something to an extreme degree. People are messed up in the head. People have different rights and wrongs. Whatever you claim yourself as is what you are categorized by by others. Why do we have censuses on job applications, standardized tests, etc.? 

When my husband, son and I, all citizens of the United States, try to go somewhere else predominantly Muslim, should we be afraid of retaliation? If our ALREADY EXISTING vetting process, which has been leveled up to extreme vetting darkly veiled by terminology like “Muslim ban”, is offending and threatening global equality, then why wouldn’t Muslims do the same for us? My concern traveling through Qatar is heightened! This upleveling of vetting could have been a positive thing if the message and extremely divisive cultural that Trump has devised was avoided with professional and sympathetic actions rather than ignoring peaceful protestors and people willing to join him if he’d just listen to and acknowledge their message. Whether he meant to or not, he directly created this negative cultural movement that many people around the world are trying to resist. This can’t become the norm. Freedom of religion. Freedom of speech. The 5th amendment. I’ll stay hopeful things will change yet it falls largely on Trump’s actions. Stop ignoring the mistakes you’ve made. Stop abusing the media and taking advantage of people. Don’t be stubborn. There’s always a chance to make up for it. Unfortunately, now you have to try extra, extra hard because of your narcissism. 

We have two weeks before leaving for Thailand. What a curve ball! People can go around telling everyone they’re not into politics and sick of social media but they’re lying to themselves. We’re a part of a movement no matter what side you’re on and you should care because it effects you directly. People, families, kids, directly related to the effects of the “Muslim ban” should share their stories. Especially for these people opting out of current events and “politics”. Little do they know we are currently taking action for our future and our childrens’ futures. 


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