booking flights to travel across the world is exasperating

It’s fall right now and New England and that makes me think I never want to leave! It’s the greatest looking thing I’ve ever seen in real life. No matter where we go there are trees changing color. The mornings and overnight are pretty chilly but the temperature gradually rises to about 65-70 midday and then back down. It’s so unpredictable. We just never truly know what the weather will be like here. Soon we’ll have to rake the leaves. We have a ton of trees around our house and in the backyard. Right now we have so many acorns in our driveway that we can sweep or blow them off but by the end of the next day it’s covered again. I don’t mind at all! It’s an incredible sight to me. And tasks like raking can be super mindful!
So here’s an embarrassing little note. We booked our flights from Boston to Bangkok a while back and just booked our flights from Bangkok to Boston a couple of weeks ago. We were applying for multiple entry tourist visas. The tourist visa is valid for 60 days. When I was putting all of our documents together, I said ALL of our documents because there are A LOT of requirements, I realized we booked our flights 63 days apart from each other. Oops! So what does this mean for our visa applications? I’m not sure.
We got Travel Protection Plan on our flights. This does NOT help you if you’re going to change or cancel your flight FYI. I first got on the phone with the Cheap-O-Air guy and he said $150 to change for each adult and $0 for our little 1 year old son. I asked about fees for canceling and he said we’d get a refund of $1,200. Our total is $2,700. He was telling us we’d pay $1,500 to cancel our flights. This is where I pulled my husband in.
My husband asked to talk to his supervisor because they were saying the insurance only covers emergencies and mostly medical emergencies. Tom was like ok so we foresee an emergency of overstaying our visas, can you help us? He said no. Tom asked about the fees again and he said $450 each adult to change plus whatever it costs for our son and roughly $800 to cancel. Tom was like…”ok so you’re telling me that it costs less to cancel than to change. That doesn’t make sense to me.” The “supervisor”, who really wasn’t a supervisor at all come to find out, said he didn’t actually care if we canceled or not because he doesn’t work for the airline and that we should call the airline. It took an hour for him to tell us that. He doesn’t care. He’s outsourced. He has no stake in our well-being. And who would have thought that potentially half of what we paid for a one way flight 5 months from now would be the fee to cancel or change? We don’t actually know the real amount of money because we were basically fed info from a customer service script and they didn’t know how to calculate the costs.
Needless to say, today I will call the airline while at work and probably sit on hold for a while. Might as well multi-task. I’m just going to ask them what they think we should do. Then if they’re being ridiculous I’ll make it very clear that we need to change the flights because of the visas and I won’t take no for an answer and I’m not going to pay hundredS or THOUSANDS of dollars. If that doesn’t work I’ll have to put the reinforcements (Tom) in.
Alternate options that could be cool?! Oh and how much does this all cost?
We could take the money it would cost and take a tour to a neighboring country for a few days then re-enter Thailand. One option that I briefly explored would be to take a tourist bus to Cambodia and sight see. You can buy a visa for Cambodia at the airport for $25 USD. The major problem with that is Tom and I get super car sick and our son is a toddler.
We could fly to Cambodia or Vietnam and stay for a few days at a hotel.
We could change our flights to stay less than 60 days in Thailand.
We could stay in Thailand for 30 days and not have to apply for visas. You get a stamp on your passport when entering the country.
Don’t change the flights, get the MET visa and request and extension, making the total amount of time allowed 90 days.

Thailand Visa

Interesting…if you overstay your visa you could be banned from the country!
Their king just died. How wonderful that they mourn him the way that they do. If our country were only so patriotic.


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