We have a home. We bought a house. There’s a pressure to buy a home in my society. Sometimes it’s questionable. Other times it’s secure. It’s always secure. When you’re not used to secure, it seems flagrantly disposable.

Earlier in this blog I questioned, “What should we do with our house while we’re gone?” This is heavily weighing on our minds. I’ve explored the idea of selling. I’ve explored the idea of leasing. And now I’m exploring the idea of trying a house swap. It’ll be nice to compare the pros and cons and if you’re reading this because you’re making a similar move, well, I hope it helps your thought process.

House Swap

I’m exploring house swap social-media-type websites now, for example guesttoguest.com. Here are some questions and concerns I have so far.

Do we continue to pay our mortgage while we’re gone?

Does our swap family pay their mortgage while they’re gone?

Is a year swap typical? What time period is typical?

Do we pay utilities where we live not where we do not live?

How do we figure out the value of the homes with such a big difference in the value of USD v baht?

Set up a profile on the sites with photos and descriptions of the features of our house. This means I have to make each room look nice!

So far guest-to-guest has these guest points that allow you to use to go somewhere and someone else to go to your house but doesn’t need to be a direct swap. Just as long as there is 2 or more parties involved you can participate. If we want to go to Thailand and a Thai family wants to go to California and the Cali family wants to come to the East Coast, then we can all swap. This is definitely a consideration.


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