we bought the tickets

So last week we bought our tickets to Thailand. We bought two adult tickets and an infant seat ticket. It was all about almost $3,000. We’ve calculated a round trip to Vietnam and return flight from Thailand to Boston into our budget. It’s so expensive!! We’re going to be spending $8,000 on travel costs, which includes flights, one passport and three visas.

We’re taking off the night of January 10th. There is so much going on right now at home that this just seems so difficult. We have to get our ceiling fixed. Tom’s new job, which is good, just brings about change. The nervousness of being able to save enough money. My mom is moving out of state and Tom’s new job is during the days of the week, rather than having a weekday it two off. We’re going to put our son in day care. But I don’t think we can afford it. My boss is on vacation and I can’t talk to him about adjusting my schedule until he’s back, obviously. It’s just that everything is so expensive. Our cars are so expensive. Our mortgage is so expensive. I need it all to let up a bit. What so absolutely frustrating is knowing we have to pay for our cars while we’re gone. Who’s even going to drive them every once in a while so they don’t go bad?

Some other things we need to do before we go. We should get life insurance, set beneficiaries, write up some wills and power of attorney. Sounds like a lot of work. We’ll see.

As far as a job goes for me. Now I’m looking at remote job search sites that support global workers. One site is http://weworkremotely.com/

I’m still feeling at a stand still. I’m feeling overwhelmed by all of these expenses and not becauseof Thailand. When I look at our budget it’s so much. It’s a long list. How do people deal with that all the time?


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