i wanna know. can you show me?

Some things you just wish someone else could do for you because from the beginning it looks difficult. How will we get to Bangkok? What to do with our home? What to do with my small business? What to do with our cars? Our jobs? Our children? Our “first world” problems?

The beginning is the hardest. No one is going to do this for us. It seems like we’re at square one after a month of planning but we really aren’t. I’ll keep reinforcing this because THIS is how we’ll get to Bangkok. From Boston to Bangkok.

Everyone has their own things to balance everyday. Understood and appreciated. Here are the top items we’re dealing with first:

Our home

We bought a house in 2013. A small little hisorical looking thing that was built in 1910, with a lot of backyard maintenance. It was pretty! We got married after a couple of years of living there. Then when we were expecting our son, we bought a new house. This was last year. Almost exactly one year ago. The point is, we bought our current home a year ago. It’s larger, nearly twice the size! And still takes some yard maintenance, although not nearly the same as house #1. Dad and I did A LOT of landscaping this Spring so it just needs to be kept up.

This matters. Because we’re going to rent out our home for the minimum price that’ll cover the mortgage. We have a couple that’s friends of ours about to have a baby and want a home but not quite ready to purchase. Perfect! But timing is everything. She’s going to have her first baby at the end of January. Our original departure estimate was February although we want to go sooner. This just helped us decide to go sooner. It’s looking like December!

Our secondary plan, say, if the timing doesn’t work out is to use our fabulous realtors, Beth and Reza, to help us rent out. This is a bit more costly and we’re trying to go to Thailand with the max amount of funds, obviously.

This situation is key in our planning.


My small business is something I love to do! I love to teach yoga and love to have employees that love to teach yoga. I know that my studio brings happiness and stress relief to so many students. That is a nice feeling all around.

But, since we moved to the other side of town and our son was born, I can’t get there. It’s an hour away. I work during the week (three days in Boston and two from home) and my husband works on the weekends. Try putting a <1 year old in the car for an hour each way and have a good day…

The good news is, after months and months of trying to find the right candidate, the beautiful Jaime came into the picture and is ready to take it on. Jaime has a family and job as well. She lives in the same town as the studio though, which will make all the difference. She’s yoga teacher and Reiki certified, organized, motivated and caring. Otherwise I’d never allow someone less than that to be in charge of many of our’s sacred space.

Check that one off the list.

Our Cars

We both made major car negotiations over the last year. Tom bought a car last October and I leased a new car in May. This is going to be a huge expense. This has not been minimized. It has been worked out though in the sense that we will continue to have to pay for the car payments while we’re gone.

Alternative solution #1.  Put the cars in one of our names and forfeit both the loan and lease putting one of us in a credit dilemma since both cars would be repossessed.

Alternative solution #2. Have other people take over our loan/lease.

Alternative solution #3. Have someone take over Tom’s car and continue to pay my lease while we’re gone.

No matter which route we take, we need our cars to be driven periodically, maintained and stored somewhere. Possibly our renter friends and/or family can help. Remember… we’ve got to think relatively long term here with the hope and intention that it’ll work out. Where there’s a will,  there’s a way, yeah?

Our Jobs 

Do you have a few hours? Just kidding. But not really. My job is quite strange but ironically challenging. I work for a consulting company that does Oracle/Hyperion application and database support. My boss is eager to teach me more and more yet we don’t find the time so I’m left doing painstakingly boring tasks until something comes up. After much self debate and complaining to my husband, I’ve been able to see the benefits of sticking with the company so that I can learn this unique and challenging trade. I don’t want to quit. My co-workers are simply fantastic. My boss especially. I want to work something out to better this job in the interim and possibly work remotely while we’re away. I can only hope.

Tom’s job on the other hand has been the bane of our existence. He is awesome at his job! He is an amazing chef! And he spends ALL. OF. HIS. TIME. AT. WORK. Can you blame him though? Not many people have a job in which is duly their passion. This all changed recently. He almost died all of a sudden this March from a host of beta hemolytic strep in his pleura during a severe stint of pneumonia. Ten days in the hospital and a couple of months recovery when our little baby boy was 6 months old. It wasn’t until a few months back to work did he seem to realize that there was a shift in his priorities. Family now comes first.

Now. Right now he is taking action. For me and our son. We’re so special. And this will be life changing for him for the better. He can have hobbies and go to cook outs on weekends. He can spend holidays with us and we can go visit family. Hence, let’s go spend time with his twin brother and family in a land where we can escape some recent harsh and devastating realities and those pesky “first world” responsibilities. It’s more than that though. More than words can describe.

How will we pay the medical bills? They’re so high, it may as well be millions. Mail them to Thailand please.

Although we’re leaving soon, Tom’s on a search for a new job that’s less hours per week and a little less obligation. It must have been a heart-wrenching decision to take this path. He’s letting someone else run his restaurant now. Tough. Tough for me to give up running my studio. Especially since I fully own and operate it and started from scratch.

His transition may make it more difficult to budget but I’m up for it for the sake of our incredible little family.

Our Children

Our little boy will be just over one year to one and a half when we go. I’m not even scared. I’m not even worried about him. He is so good. He’s smart and capable. I know we, Tom and I, along with Tim, Amy, Ella and Ari, will lead him in the right path.


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