toning it down

I’ve been in yoga training all day, which was fantastic. The studio is Open Doors in Weymouth Landing, so I was pumped to be so close to the beach on a regular basis. I came to Wollaston Beach to hang out until meeting my friends for the Bruins game tonight. The Bruins are in the finals against the Blackhawks! I used to follow them religiously when I was in high school but not so much anymore. It’s mostly due to the fact that I don’t have cable and I barely watch tv haha. So, going out to watch the game is a big

The yoga training topic we’re covering this week is anatomy, so today was a light day for me. Anatomy is obviously one of my strong points and so it was a good overview and reminder of terminology and basic anatomical functions. It was cool to see how these functions are used and relate to yoga postures. The most interesting thing I got from yoga and anatomy so far is the scientific aspect of breathing and how it effects the postures. I’ve always had a hard time following the breathing patterns when I was practicing (and I think that’s mostly because I am over thinking every move when I’m the student). Now, I put two and two together ..when inhaling your lungs fill up the space below them in the diaphragm and when you exhale the lungs shrink back up leaving space between the lungs and the diaphragm wall that separates the upper part of the torso from the lower part, kind of near the bottom of the ribs. When I think of that and when to breathe moving from posture to posture, I can put the words together to create a comfortable flow that reflects our human physical capabilities. This is something to think about the next time you’re doing yoga or similar exercises. For example, when you lift your arms up over your head you inhale so that your chest is opening up wide and there is plenty of room for your lungs to expand. When folding it’s the opposite, your lungs have less room to expand so breathe out when you fold down and go from there..go from there meaning you may inhale when already folded but you will have less lung capacity..once you exhale you can make more room for bending.

It’ll be fun to post about skeletal anatomy and how it relates to yoga! A new way of talking about bones!

And yes, I told my classmates that I have bones displayed on my shelves at home haha..and that my boyfriend loves it..and that I’m not a freak I just think skeletal anatomy is interesting.


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