day 10 and fail

So, my report.

  • I spent $1.04 on a birthday card last Thursday, 5/23.
  • Saturday, 5/25, I bought $33 in gas. Sunday, 5/26, I bought a PowerBar for a little less than $3, still within my budget.
  • Tuesday, 5/28, I spent $2.63 on a protein drink at work. Normally, I bring shakes and whatnot to work but I worked 5-11 am then went to talk with Tim about personal training stuff, then got called back into work from 5-10pm. I needed to buy something to eat! I stopped at home to eat too but by the time 9 something rolled around I was wicked hungry. This is still within my budget so that’s ok.
  • I’m at about $7 dollars not including gas, which was $43 total within the past .

And the fail..

  • Yesterday, Wednesday, 5/29, I bought Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonald’s for Tom and I, which was about a total of $13. As you probably assumed, we ran out of food at the house and I was trying to keep my spending as low as I could have spent. Ugh, so see we subjected ourselves to the dominating food industry. 
  • I also had to pay for my summer softball team stuff, which was $30.
  • Darn it, $43. 

Over the span of 10 days, I only spent $50, which is great! For some reason, I said that I would write my next blog on 6/1 and I obviously can’t add because I guess I thought that was 10 days haha. The 10 day challenge was up accomplished on the 29th and it’ll be12 days on the 31st.

Today, I went to a health and fitness seminar in Boston and I took the commuter rail in from Attleboro. I woke up super early, got all ready, got on my bike and starting driving to the T in Attleboro Center, which is like 1.5 miles away. A little more than half way my back tire blew. Crap. So, I looked at it really quick and realized that the tire was done for. So I biked a little and walked the bike a little until I got to the T station. It was humidddddd. I locked up my bike and tried to look at the tire more but eh, it’s just dead. I need a new one. That costs money. I texted Tom and he said that there is a bike shop down the street from our house and it’s on the way back home! 

I went into the T station and bought my round trip tickets to South Station, for an alarming total of $18.50. Then, when I got to South Station I had to get a Charlie Ticket for the Silver Line round trip to Harbor Street, for a total of $5. Now, on day 11, I have spent $23.50 on transportation costs and will have to buy a new tire. I have no idea what that costs, eek.

Hopefully, tomorrow, day 12, I can just not spend any money at all. That will cause me to eat pasta and/or beans. Good food is so expensive! I can do it though. I want to ride this out until the end of the month. That way I would have spent $63 on food, $30 on softball, $23.50 on transportation, and $43 in gas in 12 days. For a grand total of $159.50. 


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