We Bought A House!


Tom and I recently bought a house and just in time for a blizzard. The process of buying the house was really not that bad. There was just one hiccup at the end but it got resolved quickly. We closed on January 16, 2013 and were completely moved in by February 1st. We had the best landlord at our old apartment in Norwood. The apartment is owned by the Curran Family. The father is this old-fashioned kind of disgruntled old man. The mother is quiet, home bodied, and a little out there. In January 2012 she lost our rent check so I wrote her two for the following month and told her not to cash the other one if she finds it. I didn’t want to cancel the check because it costs $35 to do so. So, in October she found the check, cashed it, and called me to tell me she cashed it; and obviously along with October’s rent check. She left a voice message during the day so I didn’t figure this out until I checked my bank statement. I don’t know about you but an extra $1,000 unexpectedly taken out of my bank account was rather damaging. I told her I was not behind a payment so she checked her “records” to confirm. I went to her house right after work to get a check from her. She wrote me a check for the amount that she cashed from my check that was 9 months old, which she deposited that same morning. Sheesh. And then there’s Linda, the daughter, who is very caring and responsive. She’s a mother and really nice. We have an electric dryer that we didn’t know what to do with after we moved so she offered to offer  the dryer with the apartment. She’s basically just asking people who are interested in the apartment if they would like to buy the dryer for $100. And if no one wants it, the maintenance man, Tom, knows a great foundation to donate the dryer to. The foundation is for women who are getting back on their feet after suffering as victims of domestic violence. Either one sounds good to me, but I’d rather just give it to the foundation.

We haven’t done much repair to the home itself because well, it was move in condition. The kitchen is new, the hardwood floors were done within the last year, the bathroom has been recently tiled, and the house was in great overall condition for one that was built in 1910. Yup, that’s right, 1910! I love the antiquity of the house. It’s on a main road with not much a front yard, but there is a huge backyard! There is a small front porch and a large deck in the back. There’s a sliding glass door to get from the dining room to the backyard. I’ve had a tendency to sit in the dining room during the weekend days, read some JFS articles, drink my coffee, and stare into the backyard. Tom really wants to re-do the back porch just because the paint is old and chipping, and the lattice along the sides on the bottom are bent and broken. After this blizzard that we just had and the continuation of inches of snowfall mixed with high winds, who knows what everything will look like when the snow starts to melt.

So far, we’ve done little demolition. The walls of the main bedroom were painted green, the window trim, doors, and door frames were painted white, and there was white wall-to-wall carpeting in there. There was also a section of wall that stuck out a bit and some built-in shelves alongside it. We figured out that the section of the wall that stuck out was covering a chimney. So we broke through to find that it was in good condition. So we left it exposed! It looks great! We took down the shelves and between my dad and Tom, we got through layers of wallpaper as if they were pages in a history book; decade after decade the different styles and materials were pretty cool to see. Then we pulled up the rug to find hardwood floors, which is actually the base board, painted in a grayish blue, like the hallway upstairs. We kept the rustic look with the exposed brick and natural hardwood floors, and then painted the rest of the room white. It’s a rustic country theme. We just ordered a vintage styled bureau online from Overstock and hopefully it’ll be just what we need! We have this huge walk in closet, which is pretty awesome. I went to IKEA to buy some closet organizers and shelving to put up in there since we don’t have a bureau yet and basically just to make it look nicer.

Those are the major improvements so far and there will be more to come. I started a gallery of photos for before and after comparisons so we’ll never forget the projects from our first home: http://tomanddaniellesnewhome.shutterfly.com/


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