TD Goes to Haiti

I’m going to Haiti in 10 days and I’m pretty excitedddd! I wanted to post the information that was on the site that I created before my fundraiser so that I could just keep it somewhere. It felt strange to just delete it. So, I’ll just keep it here. Also, I took this picture from the Eritaj Foundation website.

Helping Haiti Fundraiser

Come join me at my fundraiser for the Eritaj Foundation Inc. on Friday, June 29th from 7:00PM to midnight.

At the end of July I will be heading to Haiti for two weeks! I’ll be staying in the Port au Prince area, and while I’m there I will be taking on the role of HIV/AIDS Advocate. Some of the tasks I will be taking on include educating Haitians about diseases and preventative methods, running support groups for those affected, providing one-on-one support, and distributing medication. My goal and intention is to help rehabilitate Haitian culture and community, which are still in repair after the devastating earthquake in 2010.

Help support this cause by donating! On June 29th, we will have a backyard get together with food, music, and karaoke. Please bring $10 for the event. And of course, any other donation is greatly appreciated. You can donate online at this link (removed) or bring donations to the fundraiser! All of the donations will go directly to the foundation (no fees)!

Please RSVP that you are going either Facebook, phone, or email and I will make sure you have all the details. Thanks!

Advocates really work! Here are the facts: In 1993 the rate of people living in Haiti with HIV/AIDS was 9.4%, 3.8% in 2005, and 2.2% in 2009. This decrease in number of people infected decreased because of advocates efforts, support groups, education, clinics, and health care. Since 2010, there has been a significant increase in number of people infected due to the effects of the earthquake, including but certainly not limited to clinics being destroyed and the health care system being compromised.  Today nearly 1 million impoverished people live in camps with poor sanitary conditions and roughly 120,000 people are currently infected with disease.


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