Between Two Lungs

So the dig never happened last Saturday. But on the topic of finding bones, Tom presented me with a bone last week. What a perfect surprise! He cleaned and saved a chicken bone. I mean, what more could a girl as for? ❤ it.

We looked at radiographs (x-rays, MRIs, CT scans) during class the other day. It’s actally pretty cool to see what you know when you’ve been studying bones and their relationship with each other.. but then you put them in the mix of muscles and nerves and stuff and it becomes a challenge to place the framework of what you know so well into a new context. Then’re looking at these images on an enlarged black and white film strip placed on a lit up white board hung on a wall. It was surprisingly easy to achieve success in identifying what was going on considering those factors..

I think chest x-ray are really interesting. You’ve got bones, you’ve got lungs, you’ve got a heart… sometimes other surrounding skeletal elements depending on the scope (like arms, vertebrae, or abdomen). Why do I like examining chest x-rays? Well it starts with the coloration. The variety of gray scale material is just.. mildly amusing. Bones appear white because they are dense. Metal objects (like a bullet for instance) and contrast mediums (some sort of dye that is used to highlight certain areas in the body in x-rays; mostly seen in organs I think) are also white. Air appears black and muscles appear as different shades of gray. There are two lungs, right (and left), and they take up most of your chest so there’s air in your lungs, there are bones in the chest region (clavicles, scapulae, humeri, sternum, manubrium, xiphoid process, ribs, sometimes vertebrae) and most of the time when you’re looking at a chest x-ray at a hospital there’s something up with the lungs. So you can see fluid or tumors or something in there and based on the density the gray color varies. The denser the material, the whiter it appears.

So what’s in between two lungs? Your heart.

There’s this song “Between Two Lungs” that just so happens to keep playing over and over again on my iPod (or maybe I keep selecting it) which makes me think not only about the anatomy of the chest but the connotative function of the organs, heart and lungs. I mean obviously this song is a metaphor about love but my train of thought might have been a little different.

“Between two lungs it was released
The breath that captured me
The sign that blew me forward

‘Cause it was trapped between two lungs..”

What a great alternate way of describing someone taking your breath away. Many people express that they would give anything to find love. And if you get the physical feeling described in this song you know you’ve found it. Or maybe it’s just lust haha but no one knows that at first. If you do, then it’s not lust.

Someone sweeps you off your feet. Makes you want to scream “I love you” at the top of your lungs.

“And my running feet could fly
Each breath screaming

‘We are all too young to die'”

We’re all too young to die, I don’t know about that but I think most people think you’re too young to die if you haven’t loved someone. People might say ..”if you haven’ve loved or been loved”.. instead of what I said. Well I think you have to be able to love to be loved. So, you love first then see what happens. Heart break (not literal defunctioning of the heart) happens to everyone and the human body would have found some way to evolve out of it if humans couldn’t handle it. As much as it may hurt, you can physically take it. **Oooh, ok so maybe “too young to die” is too young to lose what you love so dearly because I mean come on.. that has to feel close to what it’s like to the feeling of dying. I like that better. And loving something doesn’t always mean it has to be a significant other, or a person for that matter. Losing something your passionate about can be almost as hurtful. If you have the capability to be as passionate about one thing, then you have the ability to be just as passionate about something else. The human body is always in repair. Bones are in a constant state of growing, adapting to environments, remodeling in response the mechanical stresses… the mind must have some similar capabilities, no? But I guess your psyche is only what you imagine it to be.. I guess the Greek language defines the psyche as soul, mind, breath, life (soul-ahh wait for a blog topic about the soul).. which is funny because how can breathing influence your mind (for the lack of a better word)? When you hear this kind of song and think about what it is describing, you know what it means to have your emotions affect your breathing BUT thing about breathing is you don’t have to think about it. It’s been practiced so much that it “comes naturally”. Is it right say mental behavior comes naturally based on deductive reasoning?
A. what your mind produces affects breathing (I’d say from experience that breathing affects mental behavior too, like meditating)
+B. breathing comes naturally
= C. what your mind produces comes naturally

Back to love:
“Between two lungs it was released
The breath that passes from you to me
That flew between us as we slept
That slipped from your mouth into mine
It crept between two lungs”

Mouths, lungs, air, kisses.

It crept. HAH. I like this. It’s like this wave of emotion is creeping up only waiting to be released. The aura around you and the aura around the person you love is filled with this tension that is holding back the forces pulling you in to each other (you have two separate air bubbles surrounding you). And how is this released? When the tension is released the two forces attract and touch, through a hug, kiss, whatever ..unite to one bubble or there is a break in both bubbles so air is shared. Your mind can now ease up because you have released the tension that kept two things that are supposed to be together apart. Powers of attraction I suppose. I love my bubble and I hate when people enter it unwelcomingly. I also love Bubble Boy when he’s played by Jake Gyllenhal. I’d touch his bubble, but his bubble can’t enter my bubble.

The release:
“Now all the days of begging
The days of theft
No more gasping for a breath
The air has filled me head to toe
And I can see the ground far below
I have this breath
And I hold it tight
And I keep it int my chest
With all my might
I pray to God this breath will last
As it pushes past my lips
As I..

This theft I imagine to be stealing some other air that will be a substitute for the good air, the love air that you want. I mean.. you need air and you may settle for less until you can get the air you want, practicing breathing in the meanwhile. However, any air containing oxygen is sufficient for human function. Some air is black. Black air is bad air? Black air is seen on x-rays.

Fill your head from head to toe.. the rush, a wave, the rush of blood throughout your body takes over. And that truly affects your psyche, state of mind and the light weight feeling like your body has been lifted. Makes you want to puke. Not because it’s a mushy love story but because you love it so much and you know it will stop at some point and you just don’t want it to.

You’ll find lots of lyrics and poems in these blogs. I think songs are a great expression of personal poetic intricacies. Think about how much effort, thought and feeling is put into some songs. And people just play it for a few minutes and move onto the next one. Stop and smell the roses?

The moral of this blog post: love people.. oh, and don’t get shot in the chest.


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