how people react to your travel photos 

We’re in Thailand! We traveled over the span of two days to get here, me, a 30-year old woman who has a 1 year old son in the awful “attachy” phase, my husband, a 36-year old retired work-a-holic who’s in need of physical replenishment, and our 1 year old son who’s just learning to speak and acknowledge things. We should do this. We should do this for us. We can post pictures to social media to share with our friends and family. We should share these in hopes that they’ll be happy for us and proud of us for:

1. Getting here each in one piece. The flights were long. I managed to get our son to sleep the majority of the time in the air and my husband kept him entertained at other times. 

2. Surviving the wrath of 4-5 days of jet lag (remember the 1 year old).

3. Saving up enough money to cover travel expenses, living expenses abroad and living expenses at home.

Let me elaborate. Each ticket one way cost about $900 x 3 people x 2 ways is $5,400 not including taxes and other things. We also had to change our flight once already and that cost $575. Add in the cost for passports and stuff to pack that’s another $600. We didn’t get Thaivisas  but if we did that would be an additional $750. So, 3 people traveling costed $6,575 (without buying visas). 

That’s the most expensive part. We rented a place off airbnb for $800 for one month. The hardest part was FINDING the place from across the world. Now that we know more about the neighborhoods we went back on airbnb after two weeks of our stay and found an awesome apartment across the street from my brother-in-law’s place. It cost $1,200 for 6 weeks. The total rent for both places was just about a month mortgage payment for us. Not bad!

Then there are the expenses at home. Each month our expenses are nearly $4,000. So if we want to stay here we need $4,000 for home. If we want to stay 2 months we need $8,000 to be secure. If we stay longer and lose a job then we need at least one additional month of savings + $1,000 for food and gas. Assuming we’d find another job in a month or so. We hope to get re-entry stamps when we get back from Vietnam next weekend. Two months away from home = $8,000 (to be secure).

The expenses here are way less! We’re budgeting $1,000 per month for food and stuff like that. We also booked this trip to Vietnam which cost $1,200 for 6 people to fly round trip (me, my husband, my son, my brother-in-law and my 2 nieces). The resorts in Halong Bay, where we’re going, are surprisingly inexpensive. We’re staying for 5 days and 4 nights so say that’s $800 more. $2,000 for 6 people to go on vacation is pretty good. 

Now we’re at $18,575 running total. We don’t just have thousands of dollars. We’d be lucky to have a couple of thousand in the bank. I’m so proud of us for saving money and planning this trip. Regardless of how other people interpret the situation, I know this was and is challenging. I know that my husband and I will find some piece of mind. And I know each of the 3 of us will be better off having this experience. It wasn’t a gift. It wasn’t a special treat. It’s an accomplishment and we’re gonna soak up every last bit of it. It’s great being with our family who permanently lives here. It’ll bring new perspective and time we would have missed out on without them. 

We’re not leaving anyone behind. People live their lives the way they do. They have their place they live. They have their activities that they do. They make choices everyday that shape their lifestyle. Just because someone does something different doesn’t mean you need to. Envy certainly should not be involved!! We live simultaneously on different wave lengths passing by each other. Once people get to certain frequencies, I guess certain opportunities present themselves. Again, it’s you, the individual, who knows what’s best for you and ultimately the lifestyle that you live. 

Press on!